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At Soho Rep., a Jokey Vagina, Chatty Penis, and Future Beyond Both

Entering the theater, audiences pass through a pink, uterine canal. What beaded curtains did for sixties parties, this passageway accomplishes for Soho Rep. visitors. Thrill—jumpy and irresistable—awaits on the other side.

In Conversation

Stereophonic with Lily Goldberg

Stereophonic is a work of sepia-tinged realism—set inside the wood-paneled walls of a 1970s recording studio, the new play with music (written by David Adjmi, directed by Daniel Aukin, and composed by Arcade Fire alum Will Butler) depicts an incestuous rock quintet who wend their way from tedium to epiphany as they labor on a forthcoming make-or-break LP.

Listening to the Play: Arin Arbus on Directing Waiting for Godot

Seventy years after its Paris premiere at Théâtre de Babylone and sixty-eight years since the first English-language production in London, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot takes the stage November 4 at Theatre for a New Audience (TFANA) in Brooklyn with a stellar cast (Michael Shannon as Estragon, Paul Sparks as Vladimir, Toussaint Francois Battiste as a boy, Jeff Biehl as Lucky, and Ajay Naidu as Pozzo).


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