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Ben Manley: Digital Thoreau

The first time I met Ben Manley, he told me he would sleep in his car for his next musical project.

Bent Duo: Embodying Queer Sonics

Over the course of two days of performances, single audience members were blindfolded and led into the titular room where the twenty-five minute work unfolded. Sounds swirled around the listener, who gave themself over to the experience while the duo created a virtuosic sonic performance, an environment where all the senses were heightened.

Philip Ewell’s On Music Theory, and Making Music More Welcoming for Everyone

Ewell’s core idea is a critical look at his own field, which he describes as founded on and controlled by the framing of white scholars who have not only been incapable (due to their racial and social backgrounds) of seeing the assumptions on which their scholarly values are built, but have made the field an expression of white supremacy, in part by crowding out other scholars and subjects.

Crossing the Distance

I just made it to the last hour of the last day of a show I had been meaning to see, Blaise Cendrars (1887–1961): Poetry is Everything at the Morgan Library. Friends recommended it, knowing of my interest in ekphrasis: the interpretation of one art form via another, as in a poem written about a painting.


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