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Ana Mendieta and Cuban Cinema

Mendieta’s films are tethered to Cuba, sharing the same political undercurrents as the Cuban filmmakers of the decade prior, and are just as confrontational.

Thien An Pham’s Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell offers mesmerizing images and relies on quiet symbolism to communicate the fluid boundary of realism and surrealism.

Sebastián Silva’s Rotting in the Sun

Like the real-life Silva, the film’s Sebastián is a gay Chilean film auteur in his mid-forties. Uninspired, cynical, and above all, deeply insecure, Sebastián spends his waking hours doomscrolling, wasting away in his room, and imagining his death.

Alice Rohrwacher’s La Chimera

No Indiana Jones franchise, the film's serious tone is a refreshing shift away from the tomb-raiding action adventure genre. The film follows Arthur, who returns home after serving a stint in prison for robbing Etruscan tombs.


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