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Field Notes

Editor’s Note

Walking in the street today I saw a father on the sidewalk holding his child’s hand. Involuntarily my mind’s eye formed an image, taken from the daily series in the news, of a parent holding a child, wrapped in white cloth, taken from the rubble of a bombed building in Gaza.

Germany at War

The days when anti-war agitation by radicals like Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, or, for that matter, Lenin resonated with millions of workers tired of being cannon fodder for their rulers are clearly long gone, and so is the period of turmoil around 1968, when rebellious GIs subverted America’s military adventure in Vietnam. A world order marked by imperial tensions ready to spill over into full-out war, however, is still very much with us, arguably more so than in recent decades.

“When We Win, We Lose:” The Story of a Run-Away Shop

In the spring of 1976, Val Klink and I formed a legal collective downtown with Kingsley Clarke from the Sojourner Truth Organization (STO), the revolutionary communist group that we were close to. Kingsley had a law office on 88th and Commercial in South Chicago as well.

In Conversation

Phil Neel with Komite

The following interview was conducted by Komite in English and subsequently translated into Turkish, to be published on their web platform in two parts.1 Komite is a Turkish collective of socialist militants who call for a break with the corrupt and inefficient institutions of the existing Turkish labor movement, mobilizing class politics to militate against the sweatshop regime of neoliberal globalization and the political oppression conducted by the current government.


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