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Queering a Canon

In this introduction to Christopher Williams’s 2023 reimagining of Jeux, echoes of the past immediately mix within a contemporary setting. The work was first choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky for Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and premiered a century ago. Debussy was commissioned for the original production, though he initially balked at what he thought was a ridiculous scenario: tennis.

Once the dust settles, flowers bloom

How can a dance wrap its arms around a geopolitical crisis in which over five thousand people have died just this year? Dust unfolds in a style close to Tanztheater, but with live music and vocals instead of words and narrative, creating clear segmentation, emotional specificity, and striking frameworks for each danced vignette.

October 11, 1948/2023

On October 11, 1948, the weather was fair in New York City. Low sixties, a moderate breeze, a waxing gibbous moon. A crowd entered the New York City Center of Music and Drama and found their seats. The 8:45pm debut performance of a brand-spanking-new company—the New York City Ballet Company—was about to begin.


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