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Matarile Ediciones with Zach Ritter

Though the sample size is still small, their output thus far demonstrates a holistic approach to photobook publishing, where the images and their sequencing are amplified and expanded upon by inventive and creative design choices, with each element neatly and evocatively tying together.

Joel Meyerowitz and Lorenzo Braca’s The Pleasure of Seeing

Meyerowitz (in dialogue with his friend Lorenzo Braca, a historian and photographer) speaks eloquently and passionately about a variety of photo-related topics. Their series of discussions, divided into nine chapters, traces Meyerowitz’s artistic development over the course of his career.

The River Imp and the Stinky Jewel and Other Tales: Monster Comics from Edo Japan

These parables about monsters, ghosts, and demons are joined by real-world details, both historical and contemporary. This collection goes to some lengths to add historical and cultural context to these tales from Edo-era Japan.

Bringing Worlds Together: A Rethinking Residencies Reader

Featuring eleven essays and three transcripts from Rethinking Residencies Symposiums, the book examines residencies as networked entities uniquely positioned to address the evolving needs of artists and communities.

Surreal Spaces: The Life and Art of Leonora Carrington

The book is anchored by the homes, landscapes, and countries that defined Carrington, richly illustrated with her paintings and archival material. Moorhead’s writing is at its most gorgeously sensorial when she visits these locations for herself.


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