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Art In Conversation

Joel Meyerowitz with Charlotte Kent

Joel Meyerowitz never stops. With shows this fall in Berlin, London, Paris and, locally, in Montclair, New Jersey, Meyerowitz also presents photographs from his archive daily through an online platform, Fellowship. His energy is inspiring. His excitement for the medium, contagious.

Art In Conversation

Daniel Richter with Toby Kamps

Daniel Richter came of age in Hamburg in the 1980s, when that city’s punk and squatter scenes provided DIY spaces for artists and proposed positive alternatives to the time’s go-go 1980s mercantilism.

Art In Conversation

Tony Cokes with Zoë Hopkins

Tony Cokes consumes media with a singular zeal. The video works which he has become known for incorporate text from a dizzyingly wide range of sources—speeches, books, newspapers, archives, Twitter feeds. Unfolding on the screen against bright, changing monochromatic backgrounds, flashes of text are overlaid with songs from an equally impressive range of musical genres and tones, drawn from Cokes’s wide and deep knowledge of music history.

Art In Conversation

Liz Deschenes with Jean Dykstra

Back in 2000, Liz Deschenes curated a show at the Andrew Kreps Gallery called Photography about Photography, which included thirteen artists and outlined her approach to the medium. That approach might be described as: rigorous, unorthodox, engaged with the materiality of her work as well as with the architecture in which it is shown, and deeply invested in the medium and history of photography (though she rarely uses a camera).

Art In Conversation

Melissa Chiu with Joachim Pissarro & Jennifer Stockman

Melissa Chiu has been the director of the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden since 2014. During that time, she has focused on bringing the museum and its collections into the twenty-first century, with direct attention to what she terms “radical accessibility.”

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers

We like to think of culture as providing a balancing and healing element for the human condition. And the present political circumstances all over the world make us all the more aware of how important such balance is—how important it is for us to act in harmony with, and with consideration for, each other.

Editor's Message

Martial Intimacies: The Gun and Everyday Militarism

Could there be any more dispiriting topic than that of the gun? A topic veering between devastating personal histories, “shoot first” laws and arrogant entitlements, and weak pronouncements about sensible gun control?


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